A Taste of Sijnn – Limited release mixed case

At the end of a long dirt road, about 3 hours drive from Cape Town, along the banks of the Breede River are the picturesque vineyards of Sijnn. The wine farm was established in 2004 after a series of brave and pioneering decisions and Sijnn has gone from strength to strength since! The overwhelming feeling you get when visiting the farm is one of calm, quiet and natural beauty. The same can be said about the wines.

This incredibly dry region is quite far removed from the well know wine regions of the Cape with its own unique terroir and climate. When establishing the farm, this was taken into consideration and the varietals you find in the wines are very uncommon of South African wines!

In this case you will find 2 bottles each of;
Low Profile 2018
Red Blend 2017
White Blend 2019

Fia and I are routinely impressed by the quality and calibre of wines produced at Sijnn. Give them a try and you are likely to as well.


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