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Metzer Family Wines was established in 2006. Their mission is to produce wines that are expressive and individual employing artisanal non-interventionist principles in the vinification process. The guiding principle driving this process is that the wine-making must always respect the fruit. A thread running through boutique winemaker and co-owner Wade Metzer’s wines in this portfolio, is the desire to achieve something uniquely South African, hence focusing on heritage grapes chenin blanc and cinsault.


Wade Metzer (Owner, winemaker)

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What they’re about

Our grapes are ethically cultivated, respecting both the environment and human resources. In the cellar, a great emphasis is placed on the minimum handling of fruit, and no mechanical interventions with pumps, filters and reverse osmosis machines are ever used in the process. Fermentation by indigenous yeasts, alive on the grapes and resident in the cellar, lead to long, stable extraction times. Wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered to preserve the “life-forces” from vineyard to bottle.

The Metzer Manifesto


The physical links between products and their natural origins have become blurred in today’s über-processed, globalized world. Our modern consumer economy has spawned a plethora of products which come from anywhere and end up everywhere. Wine on the other hand is inextricably linked to a specific region, its most irresistible quality being an ability to express individuality; the intangible quality we often call terroir. In addition to this, we know who made a particular wine and how, in what place and at what time. Wine somehow manages to capture and weave these elements together to reveal a product which transcends personal style or aesthetic and reinforces the notion that wine can be both a beverage and a place.

Radford Dale Press Sheet 2019